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A wolf who thirst arrived on the shores of a lake. When about to drink he saw a goat was drinking too in that place. But unlike the other goats who will run away when the see it, this one goat to stay calm to continue drinking. With surprise, the wolf approached the goat.
"Hello goat! How are you doing? "she said
"Oh, the good news wolves. How about you? "replied the goat.
"Good, too," replied the wolf. "By the way why are you not afraid to see me? Would not your friends will usually run away when the see me? "

"Ah, you forget me?" asked the goat. "Just you watch me carefully and remember, you must know me!"
Wolves try to remember where he had met with goat this one. Then suddenly he remembered, "o yeah I remember! Are not you the goat who had saved me? "

Wolves remember, at that time he was busy eating beef quarry when suddenly the sound of gunfire and screams of goats. Apparently goat butting the hunter that shot the wolf escaped and survived.
"Forgive me friend," said the wolf. "Earlier I almost did not recognize you. Thank you because you have saved me! "
"Likewise my friends!" said the goat. Then the goat was saying good-bye. In goat liver grateful not to be eaten by wolves.

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